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Experience Is King: The Natural Progression from PIM to PXM

If content is king and context is queen, what happens when you mix them together? Read this article to find out. Read more

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[Webinar] Benefits of API-ready SaaS for PIM

Discover how your business can benefit from implementing a SaaS Product Information Management solution which is API-centered and why PIM is the backbone of a successful omnichannel strategy Read more

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What is Product Information Management (PIM)?

When it comes to digital commerce and the world of online retail, PIM is not a hockey statistic also known as “Penalty Infraction Minutes”, definitely not a refreshing summertime drink called “Pimm”, neither a popular restaurant in Phuket, Thailand. So, what is PIM and why it’s so important for brands and retailers?… Read more

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See What Ventana Analysts are Saying About PIM

According to Ventana Research, by 2021, 50 percent of organizations will use a modern dedicated PIM solution to manage product-related data and provide customers with compelling product experiences. Read more

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7 Best Practices for Successful Product Information Management

How to successfuly implement a Product Information Management (PIM) solution and benefit from omnichannel consistency? We offer the following 7 best recommendations based on “The next generation of PIM” report prepared by Ventana Research.… Read more