What does a PIM solution cost?

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It's time to address the elephant in the room. We want to answer a recurring question asked across countries, industries or job titles, namely - 'What does a PIM solution cost?' Find out below. Read more

Unpuzzling PIM: 21 terms you should know

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Solid knowledge about PIM and related concepts enables eCommerce managers to reach their business goals faster. In this article we help you get up to speed with PIM terms and see how this technology can support your business. Read more

The Art and Science of Customer Experience (e-book)

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Customer experience is the new black. It builds customer loyalty and drives profits for your business. Yes, product design, price, and other factors are extremely important, but it is the customer experience that makes a sale. The challenge is, these days creating memorable experiences is harder, as many transactions occur without human interaction. In online sales, you… Read more