What is the best PIM software for Magento 2?


What is the best PIM software for Magento 2?

Since e-commerce is rapidly growing globally, many people use the opportunity to run a successful Magento-based retail business. Except the more they grow and expand their market reach, the harder it becomes to keep all product content up-to-date.

Why do I need a PIM tool for my Magento 2 webstore?

Let’s start with some basics. Magento is – as we all know – a great platform for e-commerce used by over 250,000 merchants worldwide. This means Magento is still the leading platform for online selling.

However, as the e-commerce industry is soaring, many sellers are about to outgrow of their initial Magento setup. This is when they start to read a lot of things about “effective product data management” or “getting control over product information” and ultimately, discover why they should use a quality PIM solution.

PIM stands for “Product Information Management” and is a software designed to centrally manage all product data in a very efficient way. PIM platforms empower both B2B and B2C multi-channel retailers to create omnichannel consistency and improve the overall customer experience. Some PIM solutions are available in SaaS mode, which means they offer all the benefits of cloud technology, including scalability and high performance, a result of a modern microservices-focused archtecture. A few of these PIM platforms can be easily integrated with Magento 2-based webstores.

What vendors are available?

We have been looking into the three alternative PIM solutions listed in Magento Marketplace. It’s not for us to conclude on a vendor for you – as we also represent one of the three – but what we will do here is give you a fair side-by-side comparison that you may use when you want to get in touch. 

There are currently three PIM integration applications listed in Magento Marketplace; PlumSlice PIM API, Agility PIM Import and Bluestone PIM Sync. There is no doubt also more PIM systems out there that may work out of the box with Magento, and I’m sure more will appear in Magento Marketplace as the commerce platform gets a better foothold in the enterprise market.


All of the sync-applications listed above are free to use. The underlying services, however, may vary in price. It’s strongly advised that prospective buyers scrutinize over the suppliers’ various price plans. Only Bluestone PIM has displayed a starting price for its service, which is USD 1000.

State and last updated

All three applications are listed as “Stable build.” A stable release normally means it’s a version that has been tested as thoroughly as possible and is as reliable as a Volkswagen Golf. While PlumSlice PIM and Agility PIM were both last updated on July 4th, 2017, Bluestone PIM was last updated October 18th, 2018.

Key selling points 

Below are excerpts of selling points for each of the vendors:

  • PlumSlice PIM (Product Information Management) is an industry-leading, enterprise-level fully configurable and workflow-based Software as a Service (SaaS) application, which enables the systemic data management of all product information from one central location.
  • Agility PIM Import. The beauty of the extension is that you have one single view of product data managed through Agility PIM, which is synchronized automatically to Magento store. Using Agility PIM for product information management means you can gain consistent and complementary messaging through Magento and all other sales channels and touchpoints.
  • Bluestone PIM is modern API-driven Product Information Management software. By unifying product information across all market channels, it improves customer experience and speeds up time to market of new products. It is SaaS platform based on API and webhooks to ensure seamless data flow.

“There is no doubt that there is a strong need for a dedicated PIM system as the number of SKUs in your Magento store grows” – explains Borgar Hestad, EVP Sales and Marketing at Bluestone. – “The question is when to onboard such a tool, and how to do it. Our best tip is to contact each of the vendors to get a price quote and to have them demo their solution and the Magento Sync for you. By doing this, you should get a pretty good feel for the vendor that would fit your needs best”.

Schedule a guided demo with a Bluestone PIM expert to learn how PIM can help your business sell more products in the digital channels.