• Bluestone PIM product pageThe anatomy of conversion-driven product pages
    Product pages – we all rely on them heavily in our online stores, but how much time do we actually spend on improving them? If you create a simple page template that suits most cases and simply expect a product to sell “itself,” you can easily miss your sales targets and higher conversions. So, […]
  • With or without PIMWith or Without PIM: Business Benefits of Product Information Management
    Imagine this. You just bought a brand-new house. There’s a front yard to play catch and a backyard for the dog. There’s a huge garage, a chimney for Santa Claus, and a kitchen big enough to host Christmas dinner. Simply perfect. Now, imagine that you start decorating the house by painting the walls […]
  • Shopping in 2030 and the growing importance of PIM
    Interview with Einar Augedal, CEO at Bluestone Q: Shopping in 2030. Do you think we’re going to use super-advanced interactive screens like the characters from Steven Spielberg’s Minority Report to browse and shop?  E.A.: I don’t know if the super-advanced interactive screens will […]
  • Online shopping for tshirt with a mobile deviceThe benefits of offering products through variants
    There are things in life we love to repeat. Like the Swedish people, who can’t imagine a day without ‘fika’, a short but sweet moment over coffee and cake. However, there are also repetitive tasks that drain our energy. Regardless of the job and industry, repetitive tasks unnecessarily take too […]
  • An image illustrating a webinar with a laptop computer[Webinar] Benefits of API-ready SaaS for PIM
    Taking full control over product-related information is a major step towards creating a consistent omnichannel experience. Join a free 30-minute webinar to find out why your business needs a modern multi-tenant PIM. What you will get: -Latest insights from PIM experts -A Q&A […]
  • A website offering various products surrounded by emoticons and reaction icons5 ways to make your customers fall in love with your product
    Why do customers choose a particular product over another one? Why do they prefer this brand, manufacturer or model? Is it because it is best-in-class? Sometimes. But if we asked many buyers, they would reply that a specific product had more relevant advertising, or was better described and […]
  • True SaaS vs Fake SaaSHow to Identify True SaaS PIM from Fake SaaS PIM?
    Don’t be fooled by hokey software providers who put their on-premises Product Information Management (PIM) solutions into a hosting server and start calling it Software As A Service (SaaS). It’s not SaaS. It’s a wolf in sheeps clothing. So how can you tell the difference between a true SaaS PIM and […]
  • Two persons playing chess with large pawnsHow do large retailers manage product content?
    One sales philosophy says that selling is initially the exchange of information between a seller and a buyer. But what if the amount of information is endless, the number of products is humongous, and the volume of simultaneous conversations about them is beyond comprehension? This is the business […]
  • Interface elements and a looking glass conceptBluestone PIM 2018 Updates Roundup
    “Bluestone PIM has evolved greatly in 2018. We introduced major new features like language support and user management with detailed permissions. Together with supporting advanced products like bundles and variants, and handling collaboration with tasks and notifications, Bluestone PIM has a […]
  • Blogging software UI with big 20182018 Staff Picks on the Bluestone Blog
    2018 is coming to an end. At this joyous time of year, we are for our entire Bluestone Blog community. Thank you for the opportunity to write for you and share our knowledge. We appreciate every like, share, comment and download from you, guys!  In 2018 we shared our knowledge on product […]
  • A young man resting on a setee using a laptop with a Black Friday graphics on the screenComplete Guide to Prepare Your Business for Black Friday 2018
    Black Friday, the biggest shopping day of the year (this year on November 23), is just around the corner and this means we’re one step from the official holiday season 2018. For all multi-channel retailers, the rule is simple – in order to turn big profits you need to prepare your […]
  • A vector graphics with a person deliberatingWhen should I implement a PIM solution?
    “Do I really need PIM when I already have an ERP system?”. “When should I consider implementing a PIM solution in my company?”. These are the most commonly asked questions we get from our prospects. We decided to answer these questions in an honest and transparent way. Truth […]
  • An abstract concept of a group of people working on web designHow to work with product attributes?
    Before your customers experience products as tangible objects that can be held, used, or enjoyed, they look for photos, read descriptions of them, and access other information available on websites or via virtual assistants. Online shopping has saturated our day-to-day so tremendously that, in […]
  • An abstract concept with a person holding a card with Magento logoWhat is the best PIM software for Magento 2?
    Let’s start with some basics. Magento is – as we all know – a great platform for e-commerce used by over 250,000 merchants worldwide. This means Magento is still the leading platform for online selling. Most of these merchants are in the U.S., other major locations include the UK, the […]
  • A group of people holding objects associated with financesWhat does a PIM solution cost?
    One of the most commonly asked questions we get from our prospects across geographies and industries is “what does a PIM solution cost?” or “can you please provide me some pricing information for a PIM solution?” Surely, that shouldn’t be too hard. So, why is it that most PIM vendors do not […]
  • Cover for blog article, The New frontier of E-commerce is PIMThe new frontier of e-commerce (is PIM)
    Next-generation Product Information Management software has marked a new horizon for e-commerce. Below are three cases how PIM can be used to efficiently solve specific business challenges. Typical Challenge #1 Dealing with large numbers of SKUs Solution: Filtering When dealing with large numbers […]
  • Blog infographic for SaaS statisticsAbove the Cloud, there is SaaS [Infographic]
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  • Cloud and SaaS definitions and distinctionsAbove the Cloud, there is SaaS
    Fact: all businesses rely on software which is indispensible if they are to stay afloat. Ergo, the mundane side of their day-to-day is dealing with software upgrades, hardware asset management, the dreaded server downtime or overlicensing costs (unused software costs reached $6.6BN in the US only). […]
  • An image with omnichannel icons and conceptsThe Ultimate Cheat Sheet on Omnichannel
    Omnichannel, understood as providing customers with a consistent sales experience, is one of the major e-commerce trends in 2018. But how to create successful omnichannel strategy? And how to use excellent product experience to deliver more revenue? Read the full article to get the answers to all […]
  • Gradient background with omnichannel iconsChoosing between Omnichannel and Multichannel
    Today, people are shopping where they find it most convenient and therefore, it’s increasingly important for brands and retailers to create excellent customer experience across offline and online channels. This is why they need to implement Omnichannel consistency and multichannel marketing. Yes, […]
  • A gradient background with PIM-related iconsWhat is Product Information Management (PIM)?
    When it comes to digital commerce and the world of online retail, PIM is not a hockey statistic also known as “Penalty Infraction Minutes”, definitely not a refreshing summertime drink called “Pimm”, neither a popular restaurant in Phuket, Thailand. So, what is PIM and why it’s so […]
  • A vector graphic showing a mobile device with floating boxes showing users, ratings and reviews[Infographic] What your customers (rightly) take for granted
    Get the full CX story here. Sources: 1, 2, 3, 4 Share this: […]
  • A vector graphic of a mobile device with floating boxes containing user reviews and ratingWhat your customers (rightly) take for granted
    Customer experience has freed itself from being elusive, volatile, or difficult to do right. Personalization, empathy, customer journey – the criteria to play by to provide an absolute customer experience (CX) go across industries, brands or sales and marketing channels. Read on to learn the […]
  • One PIM to rule them all
    Having an efficient Product Information Management solution is like having the magical One Ring from J. R. R. Tolkien’s epic fantasy novel “The Lord of the Rings.” Share this: […]
  • A vector graphic of a man from behind looking at a circle made of e-commerce iconsOmnichannel is the future of retail industry
    Providing customers with a consistent sales experience is no longer just a best practice or luxury reserved only for the “big players.” It’s becoming a new standard for all retailers, wholesalers, and brands who want to stay competitive in the upcoming years. Share this: […]
  • Bricks-and-mortar Life After Death
    With the advent of e-commerce, prophets of doom have flocked to herald the demise of physical stores and shopping outlets. Mournfully, their premonitions came true for a large segment of brick-and-mortar retailers, and this affected even well-established ones, like Toys R Us, Sears, Blockbuster, […]
  • Clarity at the Core Part 1: PIM and MDM
    E-commerce managers and strategists always have a lot on their plates. Juggling the latest e-commerce trends or keeping a tab on remarketing tools are just a few of the elements in their day-to-day landscape. In the pursuit of gaining the upper hand in the market, a good understanding of e-commerce […]
  • A three-tier subscription concept of basic, premium and ultimate showing images of rocketsWelcome to subscription economy
    World is moving toward subscription economy. Most of us are already using platforms such as Netflix, Dropbox or Spotify. But did you know that thanks to subscription-based services you can also develop your business? Share this: […]
  • A young man's silhouette lined up with numbers and a friendly robot against a sunset sky4 hottest e-commerce trends in 2018
    Things like voice recognition, virtual reality, unified brand experience, and omnichannel will reshape the online sales landscape. Brands and retailers can either adapt to the changing market and stay competitive or ignore the technological revolution and watch their businesses slowly die over the […]
  • A vector graphic of a checklist and a pencilEcommerce Manager’s 2018 New Year Resolutions
    Once again, the season of making New Year resolutions has begun. We’ve all made and failed them, both in private and professional endeavors. Surely, there’s something that can be done so we can go beyond a mere #newyearnewme hashtag? The answer is ‘yes’, as long as you are smart in where and how […]
  • An ecommerce concept graphics showing two desktop computers and ecommerce icons between themEcommerce Seasonality Tips Yule Love
    Planning a calendar for a B2C retailer is something equally banal and laborious. The former, because prepping for Black Friday 2018 sounds almost like a cliché. The latter, because we know how herculean a task that is. We’ve all heard it that failing to plan is planning a failure. That’s easier […]
  • A group of young people shown from the neck down leaning against a wall wearing colorful clothes and using mobile devices6 surprising retail habits of Millennial shoppers
    The Millennials (also known as Generation Y), are rapidly changing the online retail landscape. More importantly though, in the next couple of years, as they reach their prime spending power, they will become the driving force for the entire e-commerce industry. So, it may be time to take a good […]
  • A bird's eye view of a person sitting at a desk using a laptop with cut-out clouds distributed next to the device5 Reasons Why Small Businesses Should Move to Cloud
    Today, Software as a Service (SaaS) is one of the positive results of the cloud computing revolution. In fact, most of us are already using SaaS-based applications every day, i.e. Google Docs, Dropbox or Slack. Now it’s time for your business to get off the ground, fly high and move to the […]
  • A photo of red shopping carts left at an empty parking logDeath of American shopping malls
    Today, most young people all around the world have stopped doing their shopping in traditional malls, choosing instead to shop online. So, one thing is sure for all retailers and wholesalers: either you start selling your products online or your business will be doomed. Just like the American […]
  • A close-up of a person's hand holding a jigsaw puzzle with an API caption on it2017 is the year of the API Economy
    Monolithic IT infrastructures that have powered businesses over the past few decades now give way to microservices and today’s companies need to launch new business models if they are to remain competitive. APIs are instrumental in the change. Share this: […]
  • A close-up from behind a surface of a person's hand touching hand drawn circlesWhat’s the future of PIM?
    Special report prepared by Ventana Research, a respected benchmark business technology research firm, proves that the best solution for effective management of product-related content is using one single Product Information Management (PIM) application. Share this: […]
  • A close-up of a businessman's hand stacking up wooden blocks with business drawings on them7 Best Practices for Successful Product Information Management
    How to successfuly implement a Product Information Management (PIM) solution and benefit from omnichannel consistency? We offer the following 7 best recommendations based on “The next generation of PIM” report prepared by Ventana Research. Share this: […]
  • A showcase of a black leather shoe placed on a wooden stand in a commerce surroundingGetting product content ready for sales
    Long waiting lines for new products are not good for business. Is missing product content delaying your product launches? Photos, descriptions, even tags, all take time to create. What can you do to get your new products out the door faster? Share this: […]
  • A view from behind a window of a young woman with a mobile deviceOmnichannel sales: Meet your customers where they are
    People are shopping where they find it most convenient. With plenty of options for discovering, researching and buying new products in the digital world, it is increasingly important to deliver a smooth shopping experience. So what exactly is omnichannel sales – and how does it help you meet […]
  • A close-up on a person's hand using a touchscreen deviceIs your online sales strategy Customer First?
    Online sales thrive on self service, but they don’t have to be any less personal than offline sales. Even without face-to-face interaction, there are effective ways to show your customers that you care about their needs. What does it take for an online business to be customer first? Share this: […]
  • A photo of a laptop on a desk showing an e-commerce website selling furnitureWhy you should centralise your product information
    You are running a successful retail business. Delivering products to market quickly is what brought you here, and it is important to keep up the pace. Except the more you grow your sales and expand your market reach, the harder it becomes to manage information about your products. If your product […]
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