[Webinar] Benefits of API-ready SaaS for PIM

Discover how your business can benefit from implementing a SaaS Product Information Management solution which is API-centered and why PIM is the backbone of a successful omnichannel strategy Read more

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The Bluestone Blog team The Bluestone Blog team on February 20, 2019
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Taking full control over product-related information is a major step towards creating a consistent omnichannel experience.

Join a free 30-minute webinar to find out why your business needs a modern multi-tenant PIM.

What you will get:

-Latest insights from PIM experts

-A Q&A session 

-Free PIM resources 

-A Bluestone PIM demo sign-up

Webinar host:

Camilla Hetty Osa

Digital advisor at Bluestone PIM – helping B2B and B2C companies with e-commerce and product information management.